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Enhancing OutSystems Applications with Bryntum’s Advanced UX/UI Components: A Strategic Partnership with UDDAN

Bryntum, founded in 2009, is a company specialized in providing advanced UI components and developer tools. With a strong belief in the web as an application platform, Bryntum aims to simplify the lives of developers who need to incorporate scheduling UX into their applications. The company has successfully served over 5,000 companies across more than 80 countries, establishing itself as a reliable and innovative provider in the industry.

In a strategic move, UDDAN and Bryntum have formed a partnership to promote the use of highly interactive UX/UI components in solutions developed within OutSystems. This collaboration is set to introduce two products: Gantt and Scheduler, both designed to enhance the user experience and interface. The goal is to offer clients applications that are more intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly.


Introducing GANTT Power Chart and SCHEDULER

Gantt charts are one of the standout offerings from this partnership. These charts are designed to elevate project management by providing visually striking, user-friendly tools that can be seamlessly integrated into enterprise workflows. Bryntum’s Gantt component for OutSystems is renowned for its captivating design and functionality. Key features of this solution include professional front-end screens tailored to Gantt chart needs, ready-to-use solutions for OutSystems implementations, and significant cost and time savings in front-end development. The benefits are clear: fully customizable Gantt charts, rapid deployment, and an outstanding UX/UI interface tailored for enterprise applications, with Outsystems development and deployment feel all over the process.

Similarly, the Scheduler component offered through this partnership promises to transform OutSystems applications. Bryntum’s Scheduler brings exceptional UX/UI to scheduling tools, unlocking new potential for enterprise apps. Designed for seamless integration, this solution addresses the shortcomings of poorly defined scheduling tools and offers a cost-effective, time-saving option for OutSystems implementations. The Scheduler’s key features include solving scheduling inefficiencies, reducing adoption costs with a unique front-end, and providing a ready-to-use solution. The benefits extend to engaging users with a special look and feel, an out-of-the-box readiness for immediate use, and enhancing a company’s visibility in the digital landscape.

Through their collaboration, UDDAN and Bryntum are set to deliver cutting-edge UX/UI components that significantly improve the functionality and user experience of applications developed in OutSystems. By leveraging Bryntum’s expertise in web components, this partnership promises to bring highly efficient, cost-effective, and visually appealing solutions to the forefront of enterprise application development.

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